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Waiting for no plane

Waiting for no plane

Tomorrow will be a visit to Las Vegas. That’s where I have a couple architecture projects. I have tired of the cattle cars that SouthWest flies, and I can’t bring myself to charge my clients for tickets on the higher-priced airlines (they assign seats, but they take longer to load the plane, too). My business partner has done the lion’s share of site visits in the past couple years.

One of the things I have looked forwarded to with a pilots license was the ability to fly in and out of Las Vegas without landing at McCarren (there are a couple other airports in town). We have two stops to make tomorrow, which is usual. Previously our schedule would look something like this:

  • 0645 Depart the studio
  • 0715 park at LAX
  • 0815 depart LAX on SouthWest
  • 0905 arrive McCarren
  • 0930 meet the contractor for a ride to the site
  • 1000 site meeting lunch other meetings
  • 1430 meetings complete, head toward McCarren
  • 1515 arrive McCarren, hope
  • 1600 depart McCarren on SouthWest
  • 1700 arrive LAX
  • 1720 depart LAX toward studio
  • 1800 arrive studio, exhausted

Tomorrow, instead, we will:

  • 0800 Depart the studio
  • 0815 arrive at Santa Monica Airport (SMO)
  • 0830 Take off
  • 1000 Arrive Henderson Executive Airport (HND) The contractor will meet us there and bring us to the site.
  • 1130 return to HND, first meeting complete
  • 1200 arrive North Las Vegas Airport for second meeting
  • 1330 second meeting complete, depart for SMO
  • 1500 arrive SMO
  • 1515 arrive studio, we’ll see how exhausting the flying is

More tomorrow.

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