West to East!

Full Trip

Full Trip

We made it!

We are in New Hampshire in a lovely house overlooking a pleasant lake. I have just barely recovered from eighteen and a half hours of flying. We traveled nearly twenty-three hundred miles. We hope to continue to East Hampton on Saturday morning, so that we can really say that we have crossed the continent from coast to coast.

It was a grand adventure and although I left Los Angeles very aware of the possibility that we might split up along the way (with the boys and Nell continuing on a commercial flight and with me continuing solo to bring the plane to the east coast), that never came close to being a possibility.

We have had many family trips in N971RD, but this one was, as one commenter pointed out, epic. We learned a lot about traveling in a small plane as a family.

Now I have the photographs of the entire summer gathered on one page.

You can look through the past entries to see our little updates, but here are the three days of travel in four posts:

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I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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