Arrival and Recollections by Dexter Summers

When we left from Califonia we headed toward Tuscon, Arizona where I had a chocolate chip pancake for brunch. Then, we went to Marfa, Texas where we we stayed at the Thunderbird Hotel. For dinner I had a bacon burger at a Mexican-American restaurant. We also watched a lot of TV in Marfa (DVDs on the MacBook). 

[Part of our Spring Break 2009 Trip.]

The next mornng we set out for Lockhart, Texas for BBQ. Now, it turns out that Texas BBQ is not the same as most BBQ. There are no forks and the place where you order food from is right in front of where the grill. Also, there is no BBQ sauce and there are no plates, instead there is just paper that you put food on and another piece of paper that all the food is wrapped in.

We spent the night in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the night there was a rainstorm but before that happened we took a walk outsde in the heavy and moist air. In New Orleans there is always music playing wherever you go, which creates a very nice atmosphere. For dinner I had popcorn shrimp and I tried something (yes, I tried a new food): fried calamari. Calamari is squid, but squid has no taste, just a chewy texture. We stayed in the Paul McCartney suite, incidentally. It is named that because Paul McCartney once slept there.

The next day we went to Atlanta, Georgia where we saw our Great Grand Uncle Abbot and his wife Harriet. That allowed us to find out that we have a cousin four times removed by marriage at Rudy’s school. Then, we went to Charlotte, North Carolina where they had one of the best atrium hotels I’ve ever seen. The next day we went to DC to see some relatives and some museums. For the first time we got to see the Newseum. Today, I’m sitting here in New York waiting for a web page to load.

About Colin Summers

I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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