It’s Always Good to Have a Goal

Adam is a better pilot than I am. He has had a deep love of aviation from when he was old enough to put together a model airplane, so he should be a better pilot than I am. And his current location at KFHR gives him a real reason to love it, since it makes being on an island a lot less isolated.

I am happy in my one plane. I wish I had either bought it as soon as I began my training or that I had been at a school that had that particular model. I do well with familiarity. I am more than monogamous, I am monomaniacal. Part of it is being a slow learner and trying to get lost in the depth of really knowing a single thing. Adam is more comfortable learning about a lot of things. 

So he has set a goal to fly a hundred different types of airplane. He is writing about it on this blog here. As of today he is up to twenty-two different airplanes.

In contrast, when I think of other planes I would like to fly or own, I always picture them having the same G1000 glass cockpit. Mostly I think about the DA42 Twinstar, the two-engine version of my current plane. It is so close to the current aircraft that the interior is exactly the same, just three inches wider. A little more elbow room. Otherwise you wouldn’t know you were in a different plane at all. That sounds great to me.

About Colin Summers

I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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