When Adam isn’t flying (see his flight log) he studies marine biology (and other evolutionary structural morphologly) in his biomechanics laboratory at the University of California at Irvine.

When Colin isn’t flying (see his flight log) he works in his design studio. For a little while he ran a dot-com called tightcircle (you can find it in the Internet archive) built on his invention for group email discussion. He has a personal web page which is updated as often as this blog site is.

You can see our grandfather’s flight log.

These are blogs that Colin reads (using Google‘s reader to keep up on when there’s a new post):

Cockpit Conversations. Aviatrix, a pilot in Canada, writing about her adventures and trials flying in the Great White North. She’s proven time and again that she can write about anything and make it interesting, funny, and to-the-point.

Aviation Mentor. John was a CFI in the Bay area, then he was a FedEx pilot, now he is back to being a CFI. FedEx was stupid not to pay him more to keep freight dogging. He is clearly an exceptional pilot. I learn something from every post. (I even occasionally comment.)

Sarah Rovner quit her job as a network administrator to pursue her dream of being a pilot. She runs a airplane ferrying service and this is the blog of her missions.

Chris writes an excellent blog about flying a Piper around upstate New York. He calls it a photographic logbook.

Philip Greenspun no longer really writes about flying, but the archives are informative. Reading his review of the DiamondStar was one of the things that convinced me to get one.

The Aero-News network is for serious plane junkies. I read a dozen articles there every morning.

Sam flies for a regional airline. Smaller planes than the big Airbuses that Dave pilots, but there are still some interesting stories.

Diamond Aviators Association I am a founding member of this group, which has great discussion forums about flying the airplane. You have to pay fifty dollars a year to join in order to read the forums.

Stories of a Medevac Pilot are from Dagny, who does the sort of flying I wish I did, up in the cold, white North that is Canada. I would hate being a charter pilot or airline pilot, but Medevac feels critical and always interesting. (I wish I had a plug-in on my RSS reader to filter out the LOL’s.)

Max Trescott wrote a great book about the G1000 that is in my plane. He is a master CFI and, I imagine, really busy. He still has time to have a blog, but it doesn’t update often enough.
(There are more, I’m still adding them.)