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Fixing the Plane

Adam thinks that the plane has been in the shop more than it should, given that it is a new plane. I’ll admit that a few of the times I would like to have taken Nell and the boys on … Continue reading

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Late Night Thoughts on Flying and Writing

I stopped writing on this blog because it was made crashingly clear to me that not only was it a public forum, but that some people regarded it as non-fiction. I was appalled at first, indignant that a writing exercise … Continue reading

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Urban Flying

The LA basin is a wonderful place to fly.  Losing an engine more than 10 miles from an airport is really hard to do and the low level flying provides striking images.  What I like best about it (aside from … Continue reading

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Instrument Rating Progress

Oh, I wish I were a better student. Here are the things I need to do before I take my Instrument Rating check ride with an FAA examiner, and my progress on them as of March 17 2006.

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My Favorite Plane

I haven’t flown that many planes. In fact, my online logbook says that I’ve only flown nine different types and only three of those are more than four hours. One is less than an hour. But having spent over sixty … Continue reading

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Why do we preflight?

So Adam and I have carefully planned our flight to Ryan Field, Arizona. We have an oxygen system, plotted flight plan, information about the airport we’re headed to, and information about airports along the way. We have snacks packed, liters … Continue reading

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