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Plane Preferences

Just a quick word on plane preferences. I do love the challenge and surprise that comes with a completely new plane. I will always chose to fly the unfamiliar over the familiar. That said, in the realm of the familiar … Continue reading

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Hundredth Hour: Buffalo Burger Redux

My brother and I are not two peas in a pod as pilots, or as people. We got into this at the same time and progressed equally smoothly, but we are quite different in temperament, and subtly different in the … Continue reading

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Rudy Aloft

Yesterday was a nearly perfect flight. I’m trying to get a few more hours in Two Sierra before we fly up to Fresno tomorrow. So I had a 10am flight schedule. Rudy had a cold, so he stayed home from … Continue reading

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First Parental Charter

Adam was having such fun flying Mom and Alex around that I had to figure out a way to take them up. The problem was that I didn’t really need to go anywhere. I don’t know where Adam is getting … Continue reading

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Take offs are ho hum, landings however…

I realized Sharalyn and my mom were not much worried about flying with me as I took off from the bleak and windy airport at Bullhead City. My passengers all have headsets and each headset has a mic. I can’t … Continue reading

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A Shared Addiction

Well, another day off and another great day of flying. Yet another reason I want to live closer to my folks. I was not sure how Mom would take to flying since she is overly concerned with her mortality in … Continue reading

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This is the essay my nephew Max wrote for his application to high school. He had to write about the person he admired most and why. I was proud to be chosen and a little surprised, since I don’t think … Continue reading

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