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A Nice Vegas hop in a DA40

Here are two happy fellows headed into the sunset after a very nice trip to Las Vegas. I went to Long Beach and flew a DA-40 up to Colin at SMO.  The landing was perfectly acceptable considering it was my … Continue reading

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Book: Real Flying Tips – 101 Things to Do

What am I doing blogging? I should be writing a grant. I should be flying. Anything but blogging. Worse, I am writing a book review. I never saw the point of Colin’s, but here I am with one myself. I … Continue reading

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Long past bed

Well, it is long past bedtime but I am still flying around in my mind so I will jot down a few quick thoughts on the recent trip to Catalina with Colin. I rented a 172 at South Bay Aviation. … Continue reading

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The Worst Possible Case

Yosemite was rainy, which was a surprise. That is, it wasn’t predicted. That made me a little nervous about what might be happening down in Fresno. We stayed an extra night up in Fish Camp because it was so beautiful … Continue reading

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Posti Scripti

Two things I have forgotten to mention: When Nell and I flew the boys up to Santa Barbara one of my favorite things was that Dexter loved being “on the radio” with his headset. The microphone is voice-activated, and Dexter … Continue reading

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Bounce Number Two: Stay Ahead of the Plane

Colin and I strapped in again on Thursday for an airport bounce. The aim was to really try out the Diamond DA20 as well as get some more new airports into the log book. We rented the plane from South … Continue reading

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We’re Thankful for Bernoulli Who Let us Fly to Yosemite

Nell’s sister Claire decided to have Thanksgiving up in Yosemite at a big lodge. We were thrilled when she said we could tag along. We had considered going to the Grand Canyon with Adam and Sharalyn, but it seemed like … Continue reading

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