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First Flight

This weekend was the whole plan coming together, as if there were a plan. But at 12:30pm on Saturday afternoon, Adam and I climbed into our rented Piper Cherokee (N777VP) and took off from Santa Monica into the most gorgeous, … Continue reading

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Actual Trip Time to Vegas

Bob was along for the ride and took a ton of photographs.   Proposed Schedule for the Trip 0800 Depart the studio 0815 arrive at Santa Monica Airport (SMO) 0830 Take off 1000 Arrive Henderson Executive Airport (HND) The contractor … Continue reading

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Third German Flight Experience

This is the last of the Germany flight posts and while the airplane was conventional all the rest of the flight was not. When I returned from flying the Katana my host at the Max Planck noticed I was beaming … Continue reading

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Travelogue to Vegas

Yesterday I flew to Las Vegas in a Diamond DA40. Robert Stewart is a salesman for US Aero. Because I really can’t consider a plane seriously without flying it on what would be a standard flight for me (to Las … Continue reading

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Buying Time

Tomorrow will be a visit to Las Vegas. That’s where I have a couple architecture projects. I have tired of the cattle cars that SouthWest flies, and I can’t bring myself to charge my clients for tickets on the higher-priced … Continue reading

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Book: Flight of Passage

by Rinker Buck I am not sure yet how these book reviews will work. I feel a little silly writing things here that I know are easily found with a few clicks on Amazon.Com. Nonetheless: Rinker Buck is fifteen years … Continue reading

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But for an English lesson… grounded

When I finally figured out how to find the smaller airports in the Stuttgart area I began shamelessly emailing flying clubs asking if I might take a ride in one of their planes. I emailed several glider clubs and one … Continue reading

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Book: Solo — My Adventures in the Air

by Clyde Edgerton I am always a little curious about this sort of book. Mr. Edgerton has published a bunch books and eight of them were New York Times best sellers. So does his editor say, “Write anything you want, … Continue reading

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Composite airplane check ride

The flight with Andreas in the Porsche powered DR400 just served to remind me that I really want to FLY an airplane. The club rules (and common sense) prevented Andreas from allowing me much pilot in command time in the … Continue reading

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Justice, where is it?

Nothing but clouds since I received my Private Pilot Certificate. My father-in-law is in town and I would like to take him flying. Astonishingly, my brother-in-law has said it would be okay to take my fourteen year old nephew up … Continue reading

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