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A Look from the Outside

If you click on that it should get larger. That’s me in the plane at Paso Robles, about to fire up the engine to go out for my instrument check ride. The designated examiner is sitting next to me. My … Continue reading

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Cleared for the Clouds

I wasn’t sure if it was worth paying my CFII to accompany me up to the check ride. I went back and forth about it. The check ride was schedule for Tuesday, October 24 at 11am. It was going to … Continue reading

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Yankee Flyer

On the eve of my instrument check ride, I will write about yet another VFR rated pilot flying in marginal weather conditions. With a little luck (and all my hard work since April) tomorrow evening I will no longer be … Continue reading

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Most Exciting Lesson Ever

Previously, the most exciting thing that happened during a lesson is when the wind picked up the tail of the Cherokee while I was starting my flare for landing. If my instructor had not been in the right seat, I … Continue reading

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More Progress

There are just a couple things left to do to get my instrument rating. Today I completed my IFR cross country flight. It had to be at least two hundred fifty nautical miles, have three different kinds of approaches, and … Continue reading

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