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Booster Boys

Oh dear, Adam has written so much more in the blog than I have. I tend to get caught behind because I have a story I want to tell and I’m bad at telling stories out of order. So I’ve … Continue reading

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There is an aviation joke: What makes an airplane fly? And the person being asked (usually a student pilot) tosses out all sorts of correct answers about airfoils, the Bernoulli effect, lift, and so on. The joke answer is: Money. … Continue reading

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After a lot of consideration, more than a bit of wrangling with an outfit that sells Diamond aircraft, and an absurd amount of time on the phone with a CPA and a tax consultant, I have a plane that is … Continue reading

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Learning About IMC

You could probably fill an album with photos of Colin and me flying that look much like this. You may think we were posing for the camera, but this is a candid shot with our customary in-flight expression, taken by … Continue reading

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Florida Flight Extravaganza

Pat Hernandez and I attended a scientific meeting in Orlando and capped it with an amazing trip to the keys to visit my aunt and uncle. We rented a 172SP out of Kissimee. The check out ride with Sunstate Aviation … Continue reading

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First Real Family Trip in the Diamondstar

We only had the plane for ten days when we decided to take a family trip up to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My parents were out at Catalina Island and after lunch I ran some groceries out to them. Then … Continue reading

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Book: The Proficient Pilot Series

Okay, I know I said the whole book review thing was a dead loss for me, but here is another. The best book I have read since learning to fly is volume one in Barry Schiff’s proficient pilot series. This … Continue reading

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