This blog is written by Adam, Colin, Rudy and Dexter, all Summers Brothers. It was started in 2005 when Adam & Colin started their flight training in Santa Monica, California.


Early Pilot Hours

Adam Summers is a marine biologist. He is a full professor at the University of Washington and his laboratory is part of the Friday Harbor Laboratories. His C.V. is available on his lab’s website, but it doesn’t mention that he’s a private pilot with more hours crossing water than most non-commercial pilots have crossing land. He spends his time below ten thousand feet, within a hundred nautical miles of KFHR, his home field. Although that sounds like his flying is limited it is always good to have a goal and he has a separate blog about working his way toward flying a hundred different types of airplane. He lives in the San Juan Islands with his wife, Sharalyn Lehman, and their two children.

A decade with this aircraft

A decade with this aircraft company behind me

Colin Summers is an architect, programmer, inventor, and for twenty years was a stay-at-home dad. He is married to Nell Scovell, a television writer and producer. They live in Santa Monica, California, in a soon-to-be-empty nest. He enjoys travel, but mostly domestic and mostly in the little plane.

3 Responses to Who

  1. Corey says:

    Hi Colin – recently stumbled across this blog… great stuff. I have really enjoyed reading all of your detailed posts and your cross country section. As a fellow based SMO Private Pilot, I really respect your point of view and thoughts regarding the airport and the politics surrounding it.

    Question for you: Where did you get your Instrument Rating? I have started mine but stalled out (no pun intended) after a few different instructors. I am looking for someone who has the time to hammer this thing out in a relatively efficient manner.

    Thank you for your time and maybe one of these days you can show me that new bird of yours!

    Happy Landings,


  2. Russell says:

    Hi Colin

    Great site. Like Corey above, I wonder if you can recommend a school to do my SE IR in a DA40. I did my PPL at Europe American in Florida…but they’ve gone.

    I’d be heading over from London to do it in a month or less.

    • Hi Russel,

      I really liked Angel City Flyers for my multi-engine training. They do SE IR training as well and they have a very concise syllabus. I would recommend knocking the written out before arriving. You can do that online and then just take the written test when you arrive in the United States (unless there’s a testing facility where you are, there might be).

      They have a location in Long Beach, California and another up in the area near San Francisco. I like Long Beach better, but I like clear skies (even for instrument training).

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