Looking for Checkout

Well here is a fine kettle of fish. I do not own a plane. I must rent other people’s airplanes. Unsurpisingly, especially if they have read a word that is posted here, these people wish to have some concrete demostration of my flying ability before they will rent me the airplane. While my brother galivants all over the sky in airplanes he might buy I am skulking around trying to find a time and a place to take a Cessna 172 for a checkout ride so I do not have to drive all the way (fifteen minutes) to Santa Monica to fly. I want to fly out of Torrance or Hawthorne. Both have FBOs with planes. Both are quite close. Both would provide me with an airtime fix in return for a few of my dollars. All I need to do is find the time. It has been a hectic week and with daylight savings I have not been home before dark. Tomorrow will be more of the same, with the added fun of rain, but Thursday I am getting checked out. I need to if my secret plans to fly my folks around are to come to fruition.

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