Plane Preferences

Just a quick word on plane preferences. I do love the challenge and surprise that comes with a completely new plane. I will always chose to fly the unfamiliar over the familiar. That said, in the realm of the familiar I have a lot of time in both the Cessna 152/172 and the Piper Archer/Warrior. I prefer the Cessna. I trained in the Piper but my sense is that the Cessna has a slower roll rate and tracks better without my input. It certainly feels less like an ‘airplane.’ Given my shortcomings in the control department I like the reduced workload of the docile Cessna. Colin is the opposite. The better sense of the air and the quicker response make him love the Piper.

Our next airport bounce is Thursday morning though and I am bringing the plane. It will be a well equipped 172, so we will see what he thinks when he lands. Touch and go at Burbank anyone?

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