Oakland, MI to Lebanon, NH by Dexter

Michigan on to New Hampshire

Michigan on to New Hampshire

We woke up later than we had been which was nice. Rudy wasn’t there so Mom yelped for breakfast. She found about a place called Commonwealth, but before we went we checked out a boarding school called Cranbrook Academy. We went there to see the architecture because one of my dad’s friend’s dad designed some of it. I wasn’t very happy because I was tired, hungry, and thirsty, but I pulled through. Then we went to the breakfast place. It was amazing! All I had was bacon and toast but I also had hot chocolate which was one of, if not the, best hot chocolate I ever had. Afterwards we went to pick up Rudy and leave. The saddest thing was that Rudy got a candy bar point.

We flew to Syracuse, New York, our penultimate stop. I slept and read that flight, finally finishing my book. When we got there we headed for lunch at a place called Zebb’s. There I was able to get one of my favorite meals, a bacon chicken sandwich. Then we had the highlight of the entire trip for dessert, an amazing brownie sundae. It is hard to describe except that it had whip cream, hot fudge, ice cream, and a brownie. The reason it was so good is that the brownie had been heated before served making it amazing. At the FBO I got another candy bar point.

The next leg was our last, to Lebanon, New Hampshire where we would drive for forty minutes to Pleasant Lake. This is the only ride I didn’t read or sleep, all I did was talk to my brother, look out the window, and take pictures. This was one of my favorite legs. When we got to Pleasant Lake we were greeted by our grandparents (Mom’s side) and we had great steaks for dinner.

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I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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