A Summer of Flying

It looked like it might be the last amazing summer of crossing the country with the family. And then Nell took a job on The Muppet Show for Disney and Rudy took a job as a counselor at Great Books. Dexter still had commitments, though, so it wound up being a lot of flying either solo or with Dexter along. 

We have owned N971RD for nearly a decade. The plane sits outside on a tie-down at the Santa Monica airport and if it were a metal plane we would probably need to have it re-painted. Instead, we need to have the vinyl stripes (and registration letters) replaced. And, due to a crazing problem in the plexiglas, we need to replace the canopy. That work can be done most easily at the factory (shipping the canopy is a little nutty), so I need to figure out a way to include London, Ontario in my route for the summer.

As I add the entries these will become live links. The summer breaks down into the following pieces:

  • The Dropoff – getting Dexter to Iowa City
  • Return to Factory – bringing the plane back to where it was created
  • The Pickup – bringing Dexter to the East coast (after dropping Rudy in Palo Alto)
  • A Run to Fishers – Detour to collect KW and return him to Lincoln Park
  • Boston Landing – Collecting Nell from Logan
  • New Hampshire Hop – Lunch with a friend of Dexter’s
  • Great Books Pickup – Grabbing Rudy from Palo Alto
  • Marthas Vineyard – with Brett and Hazel
  • North to the Woods – Headed to Parry Sound
  • Returning Home – Dexter and I fly west

About Colin Summers

I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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